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different types of skin problems on face

4 Embarrassing different types of skin problems on face

Skin is the sensitive organ of the human body a sit is exposed to various environmental conditions. Therefore, it is more likely to suffer from various issues. Not only do physical factors like sunlight, weather and dust damage the skin but changes in body organs also affect the skin issues for example in taking medicines,…

Home Remedy For Dandruff And Hair Fall Trouble

Best 3 Home Remedy For Dandruff And Hair Fall Trouble

Are you annoyed by abrupt hair fall? Or dandruff in hair is causing irritation and do you want to get rid of the messy condition of your hair? Have you tried the branded shampoos yet been unable to get relief from the symptoms? Then why not you should try the reliable home remedy for dandruff and…

Different Types of Dandruff

Big 4, Different Types of Dandruff and Quick Tip

Different Types Of Dandruff Dandruff is a common head skin problem that most people suffer from. It is characterized by white flakes and causes severe itching. Sometimes it also causes rashes on the head and a person may suffer from baldness if the situation gets worst. If you are suffering from this problem and want…

Dry skin care

5 Causes, Risks and Prevention of Dry Skin Across The Body

Dry skin is a condition characterized by scaling, scratching, and cracking that is irritating. For several factors, it may occur. You may have dry skin naturally. But even though your skin appears to be oily, from time to time, you can get dry skin. Every part of the body may be affected by dry skin….

Why baby skin rashes

Why baby skin rashes on the face, body and treatments

Many facial rashes in babies are common and appear to clear up without medication. Causes may include eczema, infection, and acne. However, occasionally, a rash on the face of a baby may signify a more severe condition.  There are several kinds of rashes involving different areas of the body of an infant. Usually, these rashes…

Home Remedy For Dry Hair

A Home Remedy For Dry Hair

A home remedy for dry hair is in the top ten most frequently requested remedies. We all know that hair past the scalp follicle is comprised of dead hair cells, much like your fingernails. But why do some people have lustrous smooth manes and others look like they put their fingers in an electrical socket?…