What Is Trichomoniasis(Female STD)? 1

What Is Trichomoniasis(Female STD)?

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a very tiny pear-shaped parasite, which is not visible to the naked eye. It is extremely contagious and affects about 200 million people worldwide.

Trichomoniasis Information:

Because this tiny, but dangerous protozoan (parasite) has a special affinity for the moist areas of the vagina, penis, urethra and anus, anyone who has engaged in unprotected sex, should be tested for Trichomoniasis.
Complete abstinence is the only guaranteed way to never contact an STD. The second best choice is to ONLY have monogamous sex with a partner who has been thoroughly screened and is found to be free of ALL STDs.

85% of people infected are asymptomatic, which means they display no symptoms until the disease has well advanced. This is especially true of women. This means they can fully infect their sexual partners and never know it.

The incubation period is usually 4-28 days, depending upon the general state of the person’s immune system.

Like most STDs, Trichomoniasis is an opportunistic infection. It is always on the lookout for a host to inhabit.

Men with HIV (whether they know they have it, or not) have SIX TIMES higher concentration of the HIV virus in their semen if they are also infected with Trichomoniasis. This tiny, virulent parasite does a serious number on the immune system, making it far easier for the HIV virus to advance and drag the victim into full-blown AIDS. The male victim infected with Trichomoniasis also is able to infect others with HIV at a much higher rate than usual.

Trichomoniasis Symptoms:

What Is Trichomoniasis(Female STD)? 2

As the Trichomoniasis parasite progresses, she may experience the following symptoms:

  • In women with depressed immune systems, symptoms can arise in as short as 7-10 days. A woman may feel extremely tired or feel like the flu may be developing.
  • Low back pain that accompanies a green, yellow vaginal discharge.
  • Nongonococcal Urethritis, NGU, symptoms, such as pain during urination. Go to the Nongonococcal Urethritis page to learn about this STD. A woman may feel that she has a bladder infection.

Trichomoniasis Treatment:

What Is Trichomoniasis(Female STD)? 3

Since most women do not exhibit any symptoms, it’s no wonder that Trichomoniasis is so widespread.Sometimes a cramping pain accompanies the discharge.

  • Painful urination, and/or a discharge from the urethra (the tube that empties the bladder) are the usual symptoms (when they occur) that motivate a woman to seek STD testing or the services of a physician.
  • Like men, women also think that they have a simple bladder infection. But the fact that they have engaged in unsafe sex (all forms) should be the first alarm that goes off.

It is very important to inform a doctor if you have had unprotected sex (all forms) because it may influence the course of treatment or testing. STDs usually come in three’s. You may also now have HIV or another STD.

Trichomoniasis is not detected by a simple urine test. A lab technician must directly observe the Trichomonads by peering into a microscope. They will see that the parasite has several whip-like tails called flagella.

If the lab confirms a diagnosis of Trichomoniasis, then other STD tests are usually ordered. As I stated earlier, other STDs usually accompany this STD, especially HIV. The HIV virus is six times higher in the semen of infected men who also have Trichomoniasis. The parasite lowers immunity giving HIV a chance to thrive in the victim’s body.

Doctor Advice:

What Is Trichomoniasis(Female STD)? 4

The usual medicine that is prescribed to treat Trichomoniasis is an oral anti-parasitic prescription called metroidazole (Flagyl). A large single dose is available but is usually not well tolerated by most patients. The single dose is more convenient but hurls quite a toxic assault on the body.

Pills taken twice a day for seven days is less convenient but more gentle on the body, which is already weak from the infection. A high number of people catch the flu, or a virulent cold after taking Flagyl. It severely suppresses the immune system. Flagyl is a powerful cytotoxic chemical, especially on the liver and kidneys

It is very important that all partners be treated. Re-infection is quite common. Unsafe Sex with Uncircumcised Male increases the chances of contracting Trichomoniasis because the foreskin harbors the parasite. This fact also applies to all STDs. Consistent, thorough hygiene is a requirement, not an option.

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