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Weight loss due to stress and depression

Weight loss due to stress and depression

How can stress and depression cause weight loss? According to the study made by the scientists of Penn State University, those subjects who suffered from stress were more likely to gain weight with an increase in the cortisol hormone. It is also reported that those subjects who had lower cortisol levels had a greater weight…

What makes you fat fast

8 Horrible Effects, What Makes You Fat Fast?

What makes you fat fast?.. Do you think you are gaining weight fastly? Is your weight is more than as compared the previous year? Do you have noticed why is this so? Maybe your eating habits have changed or there is variation in your lifestyle. It is said that on average a person gains about…

3 Easy Step To Lose Weight Fast

3 Easy Step To Lose Weight Fast:

3 Easy Step To Lose Weight Fast:Weight loss isn’t easy and instant but it can be done with the following steps mentioned in the blog. It is a slow process but the result will definitely satisfy you. If you want to lose weight fast, you have to follow a simple mantra mentioned below: Cut down…