The Best Home Remedies For Oily Face Skin and Treatment

The Best Home Remedies For Oily Face

Best Home Remedies For Oily Face Skin and Treatment

Every people have different skin color and skin type i.e. oily, dry skin and a few of them undergo extreme oily skin or dry skin case may differ. Oily skin is commonly witnessed by most of them. This occurs due to too much generating of sebum due to sebaceous glands. Basically, this natural oil protects and protects your skin but an excess of oil may result in pimples and acne.

Our skin has numerous small pores which we can’t even see them. Oily skin people due to these pores as these pores are naturally larger than other pores.

Some time weather may be a factor for changing the skin type mostly in the raining seasons.

Do you know? that our pore size is determined by genetics and we can’t control or decrease our pore size but we can reduce sebum by these basic remedies.

1:- Select Best Product to Your Skin Type

best product to your skin

In today’s competitive market there is the abundant availability of products differentiate on the basis of skin types. Select the product which matches your skin requirement.

Shop product which is specifically for your skin type, say for oily skin. In product description claims that oil-free and won’t clog pores.

If you do not overlook the products which are perfect for your then and buy the wrong type of products for combination or dry skin then it may increase oil production and worsen your skin.

2:- Should You Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Should you wash your face twice a day

Should you Wash your face twice a day, it cleans out the dust, makeup, oil of your face. Make a habit of washing your face and after wash applies oil-free face cream. It impasse developing pimples and acne as excess oil washed out.

Use gram flour and rosewater paste as a face wash gel and wash it with lukewarm water. Make use of blotting paper to wipe your face as it removed the excess oil and restrain pores clean and oil-free.

Forget not to apply toner and moisturizer which side in deep cleansing. Make sure not to use products that contain chemicals such as menthol. Select the product which contains oil-absorbing ingredients.

3:- How Do You Hydrate Your skin with Tomato Juice

how do you hydrate your skin

Tomatoes which are rich in vitamin C help to control oil in the skin and reduce acne. The acid present in tomato absorb natural oil.

You need 5-6 tablespoons of tomato juice to apply directly on the face and set it for 15 minutes or you can use a slice of tomato and simply rub it on your skin. Rinse your skin with cold water and apply an oil-free moisturizer.

You can also add a tablespoon of honey and gram flour and apply it as a face mask and set it for 10 minutes. Make sure that your mask doesn’t get dry and rinse with cold water.

4:- Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliate your face

Dryness in the skin is due to the accumulation of dead skin cells and result in an increase in oil production in sebaceous glands. So you need to exfoliate your skin with sea salt.

Sea salt acts as an antibacterial agent and flights the bacteria that give rise to acne and pimples. It restores the pH level of the skin.

Take a tablespoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of lemon juice which acts as astringent and reduces the blemishes. Massage the solution twice a day a week.

If you have allergic reactions with lemon then you can substitute lemon with honey as it also helps to fight acne.

5:- Try Fuller’s Mud Mask to Control oil

Try fuller's mud mask to control oil

Clay include ingredients like bentonite and salicylic acid remove oils from your pores. Here clay means bentonite or fuller’s earth.

Take a tablespoon of fuller mud and add a few drops of rose water and lemon juice. Directly apply as a mask on your face and after 15 min washes the mask. Repeat the process thrice a week.

6:- Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Orange Juice Face Mask

Turmeric, Sandalwood, and Orange Juice Face Mask

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and keeps your skin clean, oil-free, and hydrated. And it works fabulously when it combines the goodness of turmeric powder which helps to reduce the secretion of oil.

Sandalwood which called as Indian traditional toner exfoliates the skin, soothes sunburn, removes suntan and also reduces signs of aging such as dry skin and wrinkle.

Take 3 tablespoons of sandalwood powder 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 4 tablespoons of orange juice and make a thick paste. Apply it on the face and let it for 10 min and rinse it with lukewarm water. Make sure to apply oil-free moisturizer after wash.

7:- Hydrate your skin with Aloe vera

Hydrate your skin with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has numerous benefits anti-inflammation, anti-aging and many more. It helps to improve skin and reduces acne and pimples. It is used as the main ingredient in face wash and creams.

What you have to do is extract fresh gel from the aloe vera and apply it on your face. Massage for 2 minutes and let it dry and then wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat the process twice a day.

You may add honey in the solution for better results.

Other Than the Above Solutions

Home Remedies For Oily Face
  • Use an oil-free primer to minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Use salicylic acid to control acne to exfoliate the skin and remove excess sebum.
  • Look for a non-comedogenic sunscreen.
  • Plan a good and healthy diet.

So here The Best Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Oily Face.

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