How to get clean and clear skin in 2 weeks

How to get clean and clear skin in 2 weeks

How to get clean and clear skin in 2 weeks: Clean and clear skin in two weeks, yes it is possible to get clean and clear skin in two weeks. Each and everyone wants skin with no scars, no pimples, and a whitening complex whether man or woman. What you have to do is follow some simple tricks.

In today’s flaunting world people want an attractive look they glittered by applying an ample amount of makeup products. They knowingly use these products as these products have a negative effect on the skin. So I suggest you should select the right products. Below are the extensive steps to follow to get clean and clear skin.

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1. Wash Your Face Before Bed

Face-washing girl, covering her head with a towel while she looks into the mirror

Make habit of washing your face as you enter the home after work. It removes dirt and smoke, particularly which stick in your face. It is mandatory to wash off all your oil and dirt before you get on the bed. Then apply night lotion and have a good nap.

2. Don’t touch your face

A woman picked up a don't touch sign

Stop touching your face every minute, our face skin is very sensitive normally our hands are full of germs and dirt and frequently touching the face may result in pimples and acne.

If you have pimples on your face avoid touching it and make sure not to pop it. If you pop it will come back to another part of the face. Leave it to cure naturally.

3. Stop smoking

A girl with a white top says, "Stop smoking," with her hand

Yes, smoking too affects our skin. Your addition proved to be harmful to the skin. It results in vertical wrinkles around the mouth that come from persevering lips to draw on a cigarette over and over again. It badly affects your skin and results in itchy, red scaly patches.

It contains Nicotine as the main ingredient which affects the immune system, skin inflammation, and skin cell growth. So stop smoking.

4. Always use oil-absorbing moisturizer

Sunflower-scented oil-absorbing moisturizer

Hydration your body as much as possible to get a youthful complexion. Collagen is an essential structural protein credible for maintaining skin plump and taut. So use an oil-absorbing moisturizer.

It absorbs excess oil on the face and gives you perfectly good skin. I recommend you wash your skin with a soft washcloth. It proved to help clear up skin and it won’t irritate the skin.

5. Be gentle to the skin

girl touching to the skin of her face

Our skin reacts quickly as it gets in contact with new chemicals and materials. Try to protect your skin from all unwanted materials. I recommend not to use harsh scrubbers and products that have chemicals like alcohol, as it comes into contact with the skin results in dry and irritating skin.

I recommend you to use baby products made for baby skin they didn’t contain harsh chemicals. Use gentle products which didn’t contain alcohol. Don’t over-wash your face. Use cold water to wash your face.

6. Exfoliate

girl applying exfoliate mask to her half-face in the mirror

Exfoliate means to wash out dead skin particles. Exfoliate makes your skin smooth and clear. First of all, clean your skin by scrubbing then massage your skin.

Exfoliate physically cause more damage than they are worth. If you have thicker skin then it is good to scrub but be aware of sensitive skin.

7. Other ways

  • You need to clean your phone, too. Change that pillowcase.
  • Stop touching your face.
  • Don’t skip your morning wash.
  • Don’t pop.
  • Wash your brushes.
  • Get some sleep.
  • Get your SPF cream on.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Cut down the sugar.

So here are some ways to clean your skin in 2 weeks. Not forget to share your experience.

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