Home Remedy For Sinus Infection

Home Remedy For Sinus Infection

Home Remedy For Sinus Infection: As I stated earlier on the sinus infection symptom page, most people start out having one sinus infection and really give no thought to the idea of it possibly being a reoccurring problem. In fact, the idea of having a chronic sinus infection problem never entered their minds.

They often told me, “I never had this problem before. I just can’t seem to avoid getting a sinus infection. Every time I turn around or get exposed to the littlest thing, here I go, with another sinus infection. Somethings gotta give…I really can’t stand this…and I feel depressed about living this way for the rest of my life. How did this happen to me?”

The truth is…it just happen…. a lot of people get exposed to elements that could trigger a sinus infection….but they don’t develop one. It’s a given that viruses, bacteria and pollution are all around us. We can’t change the world we live in (although we try our best to do so.)

So the key is to fortify ourselves and make ourselves more resilient to attack.

Ever notice how most children really bounce back from illness? They don’t have years of wear and tear. Their immune system is running like a well-oiled engine. Sure they get sick, but generally, they bounce back rather quickly. But as we age, we don’t bounce back so quickly. And the killer chemicals that we produced so prolifically in our youth are in shorter supply leaving us more sensitive to attack.

So we have to fortify ourselves with the nutrients (antioxidants that mop free radicals that damage cells, enzyme-rich raw fruits and vegetables, and vitamins and minerals that build healthy blood cells and produce the protective substances that ward off the attack.)

For the past 40 years, I have consumed a multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin E & C and focused on eating as much raw food as possible. Most people have no real idea of how old I am. I take no medication and have no conditions that warrant me needing one, such as blood pressure, heart disease, or any other problem. How is this possible in this stressed-out polluted world we all live in? I am very grateful to God, but I am certainly not alone.

If you have had one sinus infection, it’s time to examine your immune system and lifestyle BEFORE you find yourself in a doctor’s office listening to him/her explain why you need surgery for it. Surgery is not a fix-all…you are still you after the surgery.

Immune Boosting Tips:

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If you are currently fighting a sinus infection, go to the Cold Remedy page and look at the list of suggestions. These are infection-fighting, immune-boosting tips. Addition of Colloidal Silver, or Grapefruit Seed Extract as potent antibiotics may be added for at least a week.

Some people buy the Liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract and dilute it to use it as an irrigation substance to sniff into the infected sinus cavities. Others have had success with the capsules. Some prefer to sniff tasteless colloidal silver.

I have also used Goldenseal Extract Liquid, and Goldenseal Capsules, for one week (as an antibiotic) but only for one week due to its effect upon natural flora in the intestines.

Preventing Repeat Infections:

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  • Once you get the current infection under control, it’s time to really examine your lifestyle. Don’t get caught in the trap of repeat infections…over and over….
  • Cut out, or at least sharply reduce immune destroying sugar consumption. Focus on the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables if you want something sweet. Even an avocado taste sweet when your taste buds return to normal function.
  • Take a complex multi-vitamin; choose Natrol My Favorite Multi capsules. If you are male, or a woman who is no longer menstruating, choose the no iron formula. Only consume iron if a doctor directs you to do so. Younger women may consume iron, but men need to avoid it for heart disease risk.
  • Find out your own signature need for Vitamin C by following instructions on bowel tolerance on the Cold Remedy page. Your personal need for this non-acidic Vitamin C may go up, or down, depending upon the vitality of your immune system.
  • Begin to take notice of airborne pollution and breathing household chemicals, cosmetic sprays, and any chemical you put on your skin that will drive down your immune system. Allow yourself to develop an awareness of your environment. You will instinctively know what to do to protect yourself. Pay attention!

Home Remedy For Sinus Infection: Enzymes aren’t just for good digestion. Most immune system disorders involve some kind of enzyme deficiency. Instead of pouring pills down your throat, build up your reserves by consuming as much raw organic food as possible.

If you just can’t fit into your lifestyle, go by the produce section and pick up containers of Green Superfood, or other nutrient-dense liquid fruits and vegetables. Consume at least a cup every morning on an empty stomach. This at least is a very good beginning. You can also put it in the refrigerator at work.

Eating lunch on the run? Drink some delicious Green Superfood with some whey powder or soy protein mixed in. Have some raw walnuts or pecans from a zip lock bag. Learn to re-build your enzyme reserves to fight infection and chronic inflammation of your sinus cavities. Your food is your medicine.

Avoid toxic people and toxic relationships. Your health depends upon it. You can’t save, or fix everyone. Some people are unfortunately so selfish and toxic that just being around them makes us ill. Pay close attention to how you feel inside a person. Maybe you can’t avoid them completely but you had better find a way to reduce your exposure to them or else suffer the consequences.

Home Remedy For Sinus Infection: So here are some are remedies that help to deal with your infection. Comment below about your experience after following these remedies and if you think wrong in the blog feel free to question us.

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