Sinus Infection Symptoms

Sinus Infection Symptoms

Sinus Infection Symptoms: Pressure around the upper facial bones and a sinus headache are often the most common sinus infection symptoms. As the infection progresses, a yellow-colored, or blood-tinged discharge can be seen on a Kleenex, that is if the person can get some relief and blow their nose. Left untreated, sinus infection symptoms may progress to infect the ear canal, sometimes the middle ear, or the more delicate inner ear. (If you have never had an ear infection take a moment and thank God. They are very painful and I feel the most sorrow for little babies and young children who suffer from them.)

Important immune system chemicals flow in and out of the sinus cavities, as well as blood wastes. They are called cavities for a reason and are meant to stay clear, not plugged up with infection and the waste products from fighting infection.

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Some people are so plagued with chronic sinus infections that they elect to have surgery for this problem. However, I have met several hundred people who were not better after the surgery. It appears that several factors come into play when a person begins to experience sinus infection symptoms. Every one of us has at least one chink in our armor. For some it is a predisposition to chronic sinus infections.

We know that when our nose plugs up, or we develop some sort of upper respiratory infection, the immune system is engaging in a fight. Is it an allergen, or a pathogen, such as bacteria, or a virus?

Common allergens may produce a nose that seems to run like a faucet or teary eyes, but a sinus infection seems to produce this thick feeling in the head and a yellow-colored discharge from the nose and throat indicating the presence of an infection. And all over the feeling of not being well is reported and a bad taste in the mouth (and even chronic bad breath) is reported also. This constant bad-tasting drainage from the sinuses also makes some people nauseous and have a poor appetite.

Sometimes the body’s reaction to the pathogen (whatever it is) is so strong that a person cannot blow their nose and is simply so plugged up that they feel like their head is about to explode. For most, the pressure feels worse when they lie down and try to sleep.

The thing that worries me the most about sinus infection symptoms is that the ears may be involved. Hearing is such a precious thing, and the brain is so close in proximity, that I think that a common sinus infection that does not appear to improve in a fairly rapid fashion with a simple sinus infection remedy must be addressed on a more formal medical basis. I always get concerned when people do not know the limits of self-treatment. There is a time to use simple remedies and a time to seek the advice of a physician.

The largest number of people I met who had chronic sinus infection symptoms were sick and tired of the repeat cycle. They wanted to know if they could try my sinus infection remedy before they had surgery. I could hear the weariness in their voices.

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I know that when a person truly needs surgery it’s important to have it. But it is also very important to try and figure out what the underlying cause is. Is it an allergen that is triggering the start of sinus infection symptoms? Is it a poor immune response? Can a lifestyle change (diet, sleep, emotional issues) be addressed to possibly reduce the incidence of a painful, pressurizing sinus infection? I think a person’s health (and peace of mind) is worth some investigation. Don’t you?

Sinus Infection Symptoms: I met quite a few very discouraged people who had undergone the surgery with high hopes of being free from the pain and torment of sinus infection symptoms. When the surgery didn’t work, they felt that they had come to the end of the road and their doctor had faithfully tried to fix them, but couldn’t. No one group has every answer to every problem. That’s why we have what is known as a universe. The key is to team up and fight together, not pull apart and criticize.

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