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How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally?

7 quick ways How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally?

We’ve all experienced acidity at some time or every day in our lives, that’s why we discuss How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally? The most frequent symptoms are severe stomach discomfort, burning, bloating, hiccupping, gas, and acid reflux.

Acidity occurs when the stomach’s gastric glands secrete too many acids, resulting in gas, foul breath, stomach discomfort, and other symptoms. It causes an unpleasant response that makes you feel ill and uncomfortable most of the time.

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How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally at home?

Acidity can be frustrating. We frequently use a variety of treatments to get rid of it. In this article, we’ve provided a list of a few home treatments for acidity that will help you get rid of your acidity issues.

Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves helps How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally

Basil leaves’ calming and carminative qualities might provide immediate relief from acidity. Eat a few basil leaves at the first indication of gas, or boil 3-4 basil leaves in a cup of water for a few minutes. It’s a good idea to drink it regularly. This is one of the most effective acidity home treatments.


bundle of Bananas transparent background

Bananas are highly helpful for gut and stomach health due to their high fiber content, which aids digestion. They are high in potassium and stimulate the development of mucus in the stomach, which inhibits the creation of excess acid and also combats the negative consequences of excessive acid production. A ripe banana is an excellent remedy for acid reflux.


Cinnamon sticks and powder in transparent background

This common spice acts as a natural antacid and can help to soothe your stomach by aiding digestion and absorption. To treat infections in the gastrointestinal tract, consume cinnamon tea for comfort. Cinnamon is a nutritional powerhouse with a slew of health-promoting benefits.

Cold milk:

milk glass in a hand with a sky blue background

Milk is well-known for having a high calcium content, making it a superfood for bone health. But did you know that one of the primary components in your over-the-counter antacids is calcium? Calcium promotes digestion and helps to maintain the pH equilibrium.

As a result, chilled milk can give immediate relief from the burning feeling associated with acidity and acid reflux. Calcium in milk also reduces and prevents acid build-up, as well as absorbing excess acid. Remember that cold milk is more effective than hot milk and that you should not add any additions to the milk, such as sugar or chocolate powder.


Cloves in plate and a bottel of clove oil

Cloves have risen to prominence in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda as a treatment for digestive problems. Cloves have a carminative effect, which means they inhibit gas production in the gastrointestinal system. When cooking items that induce flatulence, such as kidney beans or black gram, add cloves. Crushed cloves and cardamom (combined in equal proportions) can also be eaten to cure acidity and foul breath.

Pineapple juice:

Pineapple juice in a glass and Pineapple with a slice

Pineapple juice is another natural treatment for acid reflux and heartburn relief. If you’ve eaten a spicy dinner and are experiencing acidity symptoms, drink a glass of pineapple juice. Pineapple juice is a tried-and-true treatment for hyperacidity and heartburn prevention and relief.

Raw almonds:

Raw almonds in red heart shape box

Raw almonds are another effective home treatment for reducing acidity. Raw almonds are unprocessed almonds that have not been soaked or processed in any manner. Almonds were once thought to be a natural cure for ulcers and heartburn in Middle Eastern nations.

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