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Different Types of Dandruff

Big 4, Different Types of Dandruff and Quick Tip

Different Types Of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common head skin problem that most people suffer from. It is characterized by white flakes and causes severe itching. Sometimes it also causes rashes on the head and a person may suffer from baldness if the situation gets worst.

If you are suffering from this problem and want to get rid of it then first there is a need to know the type of dandruff you have, so that you can get treatment.

There are four different types of dandruff. Let’s have a glance at each type and the treatment strategy you can apply to get relief from the irritating problem.

Dry Scalp Dandruff

Dry Scalp Dandruff

It is the most common type of skin problem most people have. It is the dry type of scales that appear on the head and usually fall from the head like snow.

It is said when head skin is dried and lacks essential oil or sebum the skin must have then these flakes start appealing on the hairs. Dry skin may occur because of extreme cold weather.

Sometimes when you wash your head with hot water it also leads to dryness. Moreover, shampoos having excessive sulfa ingredients also cause the production of dandruff.  

A quick tip: to prevent dry dandruff: Try to keep your head moist with oil like coconut or almond oil. Plus, use a high-quality anti-dandruff shampoo to overcome this issue.

Oil Scalp Dandruff

Oil Scalp Dandruff

It is the condition when the skin produces an excessive amount of sebum or oil. This oily content when mix with dust particles or dead skin cells causes the production of the yellow patches known as oily dandruff.

Usually, the type of dandruff occurs in a person having hormonal changes or certain body conditions like pregnancy, stress. and the use of some non-branded low-grade shampoo.

A quick tip: to get rid of this annoying condition. try to apply aloe vera gel or use a tea tree oil to balance the oily content of skin and provide your hair nourishment.

Fungal Dandruff

Fungal Dandruff

Another type of dandruff that causes itching and hair problems is fungal dandruff. it is caused by the fungus species known as Malassezia globosa.

This is the type of infection and occurs because of excessive oil production in the head scalp. It is mainly known as the worst condition of oily scalp dandruff. It causes hair loss, itching, and blister formation. If the situation is severe consult your dermatologist.

A quick tip: Use shampoo with antifungal ingredients and apply apple cider vinegar or aloe vera gel.

Dandruff Due To Skin Diseases

Dandruff Due To Skin Diseases

A person suffering from Seborrheic Dermatitis is also likely to suffer from dandruff problems. It is an inflammatory skin infection caused by yeast another type of fungus. The situation gets worst when the body releases extra oil from the sebaceous gland. Moreover, stress and hormonal changes also aggravate this problem.

A quick tip: Take anti-fungus medicine and apply the medicated shampoo recommended by the dermatologist.

These are the common type of dandruff. To prevent yourself from this condition, keep your hairs neat, wash them regularly, use high-quality shampoo. Perhaps, avoid shampoo with sulfa ingredients.

Do oiling regularly and eat healthy foods. Moreover, drink plenty of water to keep your head skin healthy and well-nourished.

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