Home Remedy for Fleas

Home Remedy for Fleas

A home remedy for fleas focuses on the following key areas:

  • Stopping the infestation of these blood-sucking, disease-carrying parasites.
  • Healing flea bites before they turn infected.
  • Using the least toxic methods available.

I love my pets too, but when it comes to fleas, NO SIR! Zero tolerance!!! Fleas carry blood-borne diseases and blood parasites that have been implicated in cancer later in life. Any insect that feeds on blood has the potential to do great harm to people. A serious fever can occur from being bit by a flea. A home remedy for fleas is not a luxury, but a necessity!

When the weather turns warm in the early spring, I ask my handyman to put out the Epsom salts in my yard. Not only is this a natural fertilizer, but also fleas run from salt because it dehydrates them and kills them.

If I detect even one flea on my cat Cricket, I immediately bathe him in pennyroyal shampoo, which also kills lice. (Fleas drown very easily in a tub of warm water. Immerse the animal and the fleas will be seen floating dead in the water.) Then I wash his basket bedclothes in hot water and sprinkle Epsom salts around his bed area. I put on fresh natural flea collar that I buy from the pet store and put bowls of water around his bed. As the fleas dehydrate they dive in the water and drown. (If your animal gets on your bed, make sure you wash your bedclothes to get rid of tiny flea eggs.)

If You Have A Heavy Flea Infestation Do The Following:

  • Buy at least three 2 oz bottles of eucalyptus oil. Put several teaspoons in a carpet shampoo machine and kill all of the fleas. They hate this aromatic oil. Then sprinkle plain table salt or Epsom salts around the edges of the sofa, or where you think best. Vacuum up the salt in two days and you will see the dead fleas in the vacuum cleaner. (You can also bathe your pet with some of the oil mixed in shampoo. The scent will remain on his skin and deter more fleas from biting him. (Keep the oil out of his eyes, it will really sting!)
  • Put some mildly scented eucalyptus oil water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the chairs and sofa. I have never heard of it staining, but test a small area first. Vacuum the sofa the next day to pick up dead fleas.
  • Make sure you treat the yard with salt or else they will come right back in. Keep the grass cut low. Consider keeping your pet inside a day, or two to let the salt kill the fleas.
  • Now one of my customers likes to make up a heavy solution of dishwashing detergent in a pump up sprayer and spray his lawn with it. He says it kills every bug on his lawn and makes the grass green. I say, try it!
  • Treat any fleabites with Neosporin ointment, or Super Kids Salve to prevent them from getting infected and leaving scars.
  • I am scared to death of chemical (neurotoxin) flea drops on the back of the animal’s neck, or poisonous flea collars. These neurotoxins are very dangerous both to humans and pets. They do their damage very slowly, but surely. Kind of like cigarettes… only much worse.

So here is the remedy for fleas. Do comments and tell us where should have to improve.

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