Home remedies for chesty cough and cold

Home Remedies For Chesty Cough And Cold

Winters are here and everyone is likely to suffer from cold, cough, and chest congestion. Moreover, due to Covid 19, the chances for these infections have been elevated.

Therefore, everyone has to keep themselves safe from getting an infection. If you are suffering from flu or cough and don’t want to take antibiotics then you should try home remedies for chesty cough and cold. 

The natural ingredients are usually available at home. You can try any one of these ingredients at home and get relief. 

Some soothing agents will not help you get rid of symptoms but also provide you relaxation.

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Hot beverages and warm water

Home remedies for chesty cough and cold, Hot beverages and warm water

It is said the hot beverages like coffee, and tea immediately helps in sustaining relief from the build-up of mucus. Moreover, it is good to take warm water with a teaspoon of honey.

It immediately reduces chest infection. Furthermore, it is said that during chest infection you must keep yourself hydrated. Thus, taking warm fluids frequently give a soothing feel and also provides quick relief from sneezing, cough, and nagging running nose. You can take herbal teas, broths, and warm water.

Steam for coughy chest and cold

Steam for coughy chest and cold

Steam is the best remedy for coughy chest and cold. Moreover, it reduces the blocked chest and nose. If you add asthmatic medicine I the steam it gives quick relief. You can take steam via a humidifier to keep the nasal passage moistened.

If you don’t have a humidifier you can take a hot water bath that is a good source to relieve congestion. To alleviate symptoms you can take steam from the bowl of hot water.

When the steam passes to the nasal passage it melts the mucus and thus gives you a soothing feel. Taking steam at night is beneficial as you can sleep peacefully with an open nose. After taking a seam take a glass full of water to prevent dehydration.

Gargling with salt water


Gargling is an efficient remedy to get rid of cough. Mix one tablespoon of salt in the warm water and do gargles. It removes mucus and phlegm. Thus ease the symptoms.

Gargle with the mixture and let the water stay on the back of the throat for a second so it interacts with mucus and let it melt. You can repeat the gargling several times a day.

Doing this activity early in the morning before breakfast is effective as it will prevent vomiting.

Honey for chesty cough and cold

One popular method to get relief from the congestion is honey. The study has revealed that honey is the best antiviral and antibacterial agent.

It is said that honey reduces the acute cough as well acts as a soothing agent for the throat.

To get effective results take a teaspoon of honey after every three to four hours. Or you can mix it in warm water. Moreover, you can take it in tea as well.

Ginger Tea, best home remedies for chesty cough and cold

One of the best soothing home remedies that relieve chest infection immediately is ginger tea. To prepare it, boil a small piece of ginger and a cinnamon stick in the water.

Let it boil till water changes its color. Now pour in a cup and add a teaspoon of honey to enhance the flavor. Take it regularly till symptoms are alleviated.

These are few home remedies that provide you relief from the annoying symptoms of cough and cold. If you think symptoms are getting worst then immediately visit the doctor and get medication.

The home remedies are slow-acting and don’t have any side effects so you can continue with medication to get relief as soon as possible.

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