6 Always Trusted Remedies For Sore Throat

Remedies for sore throat: A sore throat, also known as pharyngitis, is inflammation or redness of the tissues, sometimes with yellowish/white pus on the tonsils. Viruses or bacteria primarily cause sore throats, affecting teens and children.

Sore throats may also be caused by allergies and tobacco smoke. The condition is severe contact your doctor do not waste time and recall Health is wealth.

It may be a result of the incidence of a sore throat if there’s a pain in the throat. In the throat symptom, the pain extends into the ears. 

1. Alum


Here are a number of Remedies for sore throat commonly used homemade remedies for sore throat. The elements made remedies are herbal and natural and might be found in the garden or your kitchen cabinet.

Alum has several household and industrial uses. You can easily find in the grocery store, it has been used in leather tanning, in purification water, and as an ingredient after shaving.

Gargling with 1/4 tbsp alum with 1 tbsp salt is an efficient homemade remedy for sore throat.

It also helps to dry out canker sores and shrink tissues. it has an astringent property that relieves skin irritation, swelling, allergies, and fungal infection.

2. Bishop’s weed

Remedies For Sore Throat

Bishop’s weed has several medicinal values used to treat asthma, chest pain, kidney stone, and digestive disorder.

It is also introduced as a dangerous plant but at the same time, it is also used as spices. It is used in curries to help in digestion and keep flatulence in check.

The boil of bishop’s weed in 500 g of water for fifteen minutes. Let it cool, then twice a day, add two pinches of salt and gargle.

It helps in curing sore throat after repeating the process for 7 days. It is toxic in high doses and results in fatal poisoning.

3. Licorice


Licorice considered as most medical Ayurveda solution to many health troubles. You can simply chew a twig of licorice as an effective remedy for sore throat.

Grind and mix fruits of gooseberry and licorice in amounts. Take one-two times a day, in the morning, and day for fourteen days to this mix. You might take half of the mixture together with an equivalent quantity of sugar candy grams of milk. 

4. Calm your throat by coriander

CORIANDER-HEALTHGREY-Remedies for sore throat

Coriander is a variety of herb which used both fresh and dry form. It is an effective indigestion. It helps to treat stomach ulcers, liver diseases.

To find respite from aggravation and throat pain, mix sugar and coriander and take a single teaspoonful of it twice or thrice.

Gargle with the fresh juice of leaves twice a day for 7 days to cure the throat. This is one of the affected and the easiest Remedies for sore throat.

5. Pineapple

PINEAPPLE-Remedies for sore throat

Pineapple juice is another useful home cure for a sore throat but consumes in small quantities at frequent intervals.

Pineapple contains bromelain and has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce irritation. It has an anti-inflammatory property and destroys bacteria.

Mix a cup of fresh pineapple juice with 1/4 cup of lemon juice, a tablespoon of raw honey and 1/4teaspoon pepper and blend well. Take 2 teaspoons of solution twice a day for 3 days.

6. Sage Tea

tea-Remedies for sore throat

Sage is a garden herb similar to rosemary. It has extensive medicinal benefits with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to cure sore throat, lower glucose and cholesterol level.

Half a liter of boiling water should be poured on per handful of sage leaves. When Reasonably cool, per little vinegar and honey should be added as per taste. Have it twice a day.

Note:- Sage tea is not healthy for pregnant women and makes sure of quantity before using ingredients.

Here are the best 6 ways to heal soar throat which will definitely work. If sore throat is more painful and has been for a long time then consult with doctors.

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