Home Remedy for Head Louse (Lice)

Home Remedy for Head Louse (Lice)

It’s no wonder why people seek a home remedy for head louse. The chemicals sold in pharmacies to treat head louse are linked to several childhood cancers and Muscular Dystrophy. No one knows the latent risks that people will suffer later in life from being exposed to these serious neurotoxins.

The words louse if the pleural of lice, in case you are wondering. Lice are blood parasites that carry several blood-borne fevers and diseases, some of which can be fatal before they are properly diagnosed. Always tell your doctor if you suspect head louse if your child develops a high fever after being around another child who is battling head louse.

Because lice are so tiny and are prolific reproducers, you can get a heavy infestation before you even know what happened. Go to Home Remedy for Flea and look at what to do inside the house. Additionally, do the following:

  • Take the entire set of bedclothes, (pillow, blankets, comforter, decorative pillows, etc.) and take them in the dry cleaners.
  • Smear the bed and wash the sheets in hot water. Dry on high heat.
  • Mist the mattress with diluted eucalyptus oil and allow to air out all day.
  • Cover the cleaned mattress with a plastic cover. If you already had a plastic cover on the mattress, then wipe down the mattress with the diluted oil in the spray bottle.

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