Home Remedy For Pink Eye

Home Remedy For Pink Eye

Home Remedy For Pink Eye: I had quite a few requests for a home remedy for pink eye, or otherwise known as conjunctivitis. The largest numbers of cases seem to occur when children first get back together at school in the late summer, and when they return after the holidays.

There are three types of pink eye are allergic, bacterial and viral. Allergic pink eye usually affects both eyes at once and bacterial and viral starts in one eye and quickly spreads to both eyes. Redness, itching, irritation, and tearing are common in all three.

The bacterial type (the most common) causes a gritty feeling in the eyes, swelling around the eyes, and the eyelids stick together with a crusty stringy discharge, especially after sleeping. There is a watery discharge with the viral type.

The Most Effective Home Remedy For Pink Eye:

  • Buy an Eye Wash Kit: This contains an eyecup and a bottle homeopathic eyewash. Pick up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and an eye medicine dispenser while you are there to make putting the natural antibiotic in the eyes easier.
  • Pick up a bottle of Liquid Garlic Extract, or Liquid Colloidal Silver as antibiotics.
  • Pick up Eyebright Liquid or Chamomile tea to comfort the eyes with soothing eyewash. Some people prefer to use cool liquid Aloe Vera Juice to soothe the eyes. I have gotten good feedback on all three.
  • Cut out all sugar from the diet to help the immune system fight the infection.
  • First cleanse each eye, using the eyecup with the boric acid that came with the eye kit. Then disinfect the cup by washing out with hydrogen peroxide and flushing it with clean water. Cleanse the next eye the same way.
  • Bring immediate relief to the itchy hurting eyes with eyebright or chamomile tea, or cool aloe vera juice. Use the eye wash cup and disinfect again with the hydrogen peroxide.
  • After initial cleansing, put in two drops of liquid garlic extract, or two drops of colloidal silver in each eye, using the eye medicine dispenser. Treat both eyes even if only one looks affected by pink eye.


So here the Home Remedy For Pink Eye. Share your thoughts with us. Feel free to ask your quarry. We love to answer your query.

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