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different types of skin problems on face

4 Embarrassing different types of skin problems on face

Skin is the sensitive organ of the human body a sit is exposed to various environmental conditions. Therefore, it is more likely to suffer from various issues.

Not only do physical factors like sunlight, weather and dust damage the skin but changes in body organs also affect the skin issues for example in taking medicines, hormonal changes, and aging greatly affects the freshness and health of the skin.

Moreover, genetics, bacterial, and viral infections also play a significant role in treating skin problems. There are different types of skin problems on face. A few of them with their treatment are discussed below. Let’s have a glance at them.

What are different types of skin problems on face

A Girl with an acne mask before and after


Acne is a common type of skin problem most people suffer from. The main reason for acne in the body is an allergic reaction, less intake of water, reaction to certain medications, or some hormonal problems. Moreover, the overproduction of oil in the glands causes acne.

Acne occurs in form of the pimples, lumps, blackheads, and whiteheads. Usually, it occurs in the time of puberty when the body system is changing. Although there is no age limit sometimes acne starts developing at age of 40 or so.

Although acne is non-curable yet there are certain ways to get rid of this skin condition. Usually, dermatologists prescribe topical prescription, microdermabrasion, photodynamic therapy, oral antibiotics, and facial treatment.

spider vessel skin problem, skin disease of the face

Spider or broken vessels

Spider veins are also known as the telangiectasia rosacea or broken suppliers. In this skin disease of the face, the tiny blood vessels start appearing on the skin surface and they give the impression of a spider web.

Therefore, it is named spider vessels. These occur in form of blotches or streaks and they are diagnosed by their blue or red color.

Spider veins don’t fade or heal on time. Doctors provide a treatment strategy to hide them and reduce their appearance. To treat the spider vessel skin problem doctors prescribe vitamin A cream or Tretinoin. These help in reducing the visibility of broken blood vessels.

Moreover, a cosmetic procedure like intense pulsed light therapy or electrocautery is applied to diminish facial capillaries.

It is recommended to use the sunblock on daily basis after treatment to prevent skin from further damage.

Melasma before and after picture of a girl


Melasma is a common skin problem that mostly occurs in females as compared to men. It causes brown to gray-brown patches on the skin. The marks usually occur on the bridge of the nose, chin, forehead, and upper lips. Moreover, it also occurs in the forearms and neck.

It is said that birth control, hormone therapy, phototoxic drugs, pregnancy, and cosmetics are the reasons for these different types of skin problems on face. Furthermore, sun exposure and antiseizure medication also result in melasma. 

Melasma get fades with time. But sometimes there is a need to treat this skin issue.  One can use skin lightening creams having hydroquinone as the main ingredient. Moreover, derma products containing glycolic acid, corticosteroids, and tretinoin are also effective in treating this skin problem.

In severe conditions, doctors recommend microdermabrasion or laser surgery.

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation, different types of skin problems on face

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation occur due to an increased level of melanin in the body. Various factors increase the volume of this pigment in the body. The main causes include sun exposure, age, skin injuries, and hormonal changes.

To reduce hyperpigmentation it is recommended to use derma products having skin lightening agents. Moreover, when you move out in sun don’t forget to apply sunblock with SPF 30 features.

In severe conditions, doctors prescribe laser treatment. Moreover, facial and skin cleaning with special cosmetic creams reduces the effect.

Final thoughts

These are some common skin diseases that occur in people. If you want to prevent yourself from derma issues then try to take ample water, keep yourself stress-free, and eat a healthy diet.

Avoid direct sun exposure, use sunblock before you go outside. Lastly, avoid taking medicines that create a hypersensitivity reaction.

Although skin gets damaged with age regular cleansing and ample intake of water, eating a healthy diet, and having stress free life prevent skin damage.

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