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How long does hair grows in a month?

How Long Hair Grows Per Month? Tips To Actually Grow

How long does hair grows in a month? This is the question that usually strikes in mind especially when we face hair fall disaster or don’t have long hair. The growth of hair depends a lot on genetics as well as health status.

Some women have fast hair growth while others have a very slow rate. If you have a hair fall problem? Or you think your hairs are not so long as your friends then you should know the facts and features that affect the growth of hair as well as you should know how does hair grow?

A girl with a heavy hair growth rate

What is the rate of hair growth?

Let’s first know how much you grow in a month and what factors affect the growth of the hairs. Usually, we think that does hair grow at the same rate?

The answer is no. every human has a growth pattern of hairs. According to studies, the hair grows faster as compared to other body parts. Moreover, only bone marrow grows fast as compared to hairs.

Moreover, according to research, every year the hair grows about 6 inches. It means in one month the hair grows about half an inch. The growth rate may vary. A person with good health status and a perfect diet may have a growth rate of more than 6 inches.

In contrast, if you are on a diet or suffering from an ailment maybe your hair may grow less than 2 to three inches each year. Similarly, if you are wondering how much hair grows in a day it also depends on person to person as well as the lifestyle of each person. It is said that about half a millimeter growth of hair each day.

Furthermore, different situations also affect the growth of hair. If you are stress or taking certain medications then such conditions will not allow the growth of hair.

Now if you are thinking will hair grow over a tattoo then the answer is yes. It is because the tattoos are drawn on the skin and do not affect hair follicles. Thus, if you are fond of having tattoos on your skin you can definitely go for it.

Tips to grow hair fast, a cup of oil girl applying on hair

Tips to grow hair fast

If you are worried about slow hair growth and want to have long plus healthy hair then should follow the tips below.

There exist a difference between male and female hair growth. Moreover, hair growth also differs due to genetics, lifestyle, health condition, and eating habits.

If you want your hair to grow fast then you should have healthy eating habits. Add in your diet fresh vegetables and fruits, take boiled eggs and eat meat. Moreover, stay happy. It is because by taking stress, hair fall rate increases and it suppresses the growth of hair.

Furthermore, use good quality hair oils, shampoo, and conditioner that boost the growth of hairs. Last but not least drink ample water to keep your hair healthy and let them grow normally.

Final thoughts

The rate of growth of hairs varies at each stage of life. If you want to give them better health and strength then care for them. Don’t use chemicals or poor-quality shampoo. Take a message on regular basis and lastly eat healthy food to nourish your hair.

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