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How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 1

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently?

A good home remedy for bad breath focuses on understanding the causes of bad breath and providing natural solutions to bad breath.

All living creatures have breath. When a baby emerges from the womb, it gasps to take its first “breath of life”. That first breath is actually quite a struggle for the baby, which is why she/he has to be rubbed upon and stimulated to encourage that first gasp of the breath of life. The lungs have never taken a breath before, and are inflated for the first time with oxygen. Conversely, when a person dies, their breath leaves them and they are pronounced dead.

And when a person is plagued with bad breath, it is a real turn off to other people and can affect the person’s appetite leading to unwanted weight loss and even nausea. People with chronic bad breath become overly self-conscious and can lose confidence in many areas of their lives. Bad breath has GOT to go!

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? So I believe that good breath is very important, and bad breath is a serious business to me because it can indicate several important disorders that warrant your attention.

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How To Stop Bad Breath From Mouth?

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 2

But before we get to that list, let me tell you a few things about your breath. What is your breath anyway?What comes out of your throat and nose is the end result of cellular respiration.

What is respiration? It is the complex chemical and physical process in which your body takes in life-giving oxygen and sends it to your cells, which use it for fuel and as a killing agent for pathogens. (Oxygen has too many other important uses in the body to list on this single page.)

Now stay with me…boys and girls…. The waste by-product of this process is principally carbon dioxide and a few other substances. You have to get rid of this dissolved gaseous cellular waste! Or else you die from it! Got it? Everybody knows that carbon dioxide kills! So pay attention if you or someone you love has bad breath. Something has gone wrong inside of them.

Chronic Sinus Problems:

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 3

How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently? This leads to postnasal drip, adenoid infections, and a bad taste in the mouth from the putrid draining of infected sinus cavities, loss of the sense of smell from low Zinc levels, which is why they have no idea that they have bad breath. (Chronic sinus sufferers usually have low Zinc levels from having chronic low immunity.) Swollen tonsils can also harbor food particles, which get trapped (and rot) in the folds in the back of the mouth.

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Cellular Toxicity caused by never giving a rest to the digestive tract by a period of fasting from solid food, low enzyme levels due to aging and never consuming raw, whole foods, or taking quality enzyme supplements. Poor digestion process due to low bile production (possibly due to gravel or stones in the gall bladder which hampers production), undiagnosed peptic ulcers, or H. Pylori bacterial infection. Cellular toxicity can also be due to poor liver function, smoking, and alcohol abuse, which affect blood gases and normal cellular respiration.

Dental Issues:

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 4

Untreated Dental Issues: Rotting food below the edge of crowns, hidden abscesses, old leaking fillings, gum disease, low saliva production to kill and sweep bacteria out of the poor-fitting fitting dentures that harbor bacteria, not flossing teeth on a daily basis, and not brushing teeth long enough to really clean them thoroughly.

Get a dental check-up! Your dentist can look inside your mouth and notice many things, like swollen gums, a popcorn kernel that is rotting below the gum line on one of your teeth, or a chipped tooth has developed a cavity that is harboring bacteria. He/she can also take x-rays to see abscesses below the gum line that you don’t know you have. So, make that appointment! Just do it!

And on a daily basis at home, use a Water Pik (50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide) to irrigate below the gum line where rotting food may be trapped. Take your time and clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Don’t forget to scrub your teeth with baking soda and peroxide to get rid of sticky plaque. Avoid saccharin-sweetened toothpaste if at all possible. Your body has to detox this poison, which is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream via your oral tissues. Saccharin is a known carcinogenic chemical disrupts healthy cellular respiration and of course, that leads to bad breath.

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Bad Breath Cancer:

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 5

Undiagnosed Cancers anywhere in the body. Because breath is the result of cellular respiration, bad breath can indicate hidden cancers, which cause an abnormal, build-up of noxious blood gases. This is why blood gases are checked when doctors are looking for cancer in a person. Cancer is often resulted in not purging the body of toxic build-up. The body has to struggle in a state of chronic poisoning before cancer can develop. Always remember that most cancers “develop” in people. Cellular toxicity is the breeding ground for cancer. Smoking may be one of the reasons for bad breath and it results in cancer. Given these factors, what is my home remedy for bad breath?

Undiagnosed Cancers: Listen to your body…. pay attention to even nondescript clues about changes in your energy level, digestion, lung function, or elimination processes. Cancer begins very small, at the cellular level. Do you have a sense that something is wrong…I teach people to really trust that instinct because it is seldom wrong. Get a physical as soon as possible to check out your instincts. The worse thing that can happen is you find out that your body is giving you an early signal to detox. There is a powerful (God-breathed) intelligence inside of us that sets off an alarm… if we will only listen. Listening and acting early can prevent many cancers….How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently?

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Cellular Toxicity:

How To Cure Bad Breath(Halitosis) Permanently? 6

Make it a point to abstain from your normal diet (whole foods) for at least three consecutive days a month. Drink only whole vegetable and fruit juice and pure water to purge your tissues of metabolic wastes and rotting blood toxins. Or if your lifestyle is hectic and you are hard-pressed to fast, then invest in packaged detox programs that purge all major areas of the body, i.e. skin, liver, kidneys, lungs, bloodstream, colon, etc. My favorite effective product for this is to Renew Life Cleanse Smart.

Other Justifications

You will feel much stronger and more energetic after you detox your body. You will also notice a new radiance to your skin and overall appearance. You will feel a little worse at first as your body throws off the poisons in your blood and your urine may smell bad as your kidneys flush out embedded toxins, but in the end, you will feel a positive difference and your breath will be sweet. Drink plenty of pure water on a daily basis and eat as much raw, organic food as possible. (You dedicated health nuts out there know how to REALLY do a fast…this info is for the ones who are just starting out…)How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently?

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